Check Availability - IDN


Checks the availability of the specified Internationalized Domain Name(s) (IDN).


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
domain-name Array of Strings Required

Internationalized Domain Name(s) that you need to check the availability for

Refer to the supported character sets mentioned below:


The domain name used in the API call can be in Unicode (the native language) or in Punycode format.

Example: The domain name can be provided as ѯҋ111 (Unicode) or xn--111-dkd4l (Punycode).

domain-name=ѯҋ111 domain-name=xn--111-dkd4l
tld String Required TLD for which the domain name availability needs to be checked 1
idnLanguageCode String Required

While performing check availability for an Internationalized Domain Name, you need to provide the corresponding language code:

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Requestѯҋ111&domain-name=ѯҋ112&tld=com&idnLanguageCode=aze


Returns a hash map containing domain name availability status for the requested TLDs:

  • available - domain name available for registration

  • regthroughus - domain name currently registered through the Registrar whose connection is being used to check the availability of the domain name

  • regthroughothers - domain name currently registered through a Registrar other than the one whose connection is being used to check the availability of the domain name. If you wish to manage such a domain name through your Reseller / Registrar Account, you may pass a Domain Transfer API call. 2

  • unknown - returned, if for some reason, the Registry connections are not available. You should ideally re-check the domain name availability after some time.